Christmas List 2011


Pinball Related:

Replacement black casing around stop lights.

Williams High-Speed Pinball Machine List:

Replacement Foam for under Lock-bar. (The old foam was dirty and crusty and well just plain un-exceptible. :| )

New instruction and amusement holder aka the metal cover on the lower play-field.

Rubber Grommets (Need these for kickback assembly and other places that use the rubber grommets in the coil holders.)

Jet Bumber Assembly (Need only one but a total of 3 is not minded for backups. One of the assemblies is totally broken for the plastic part of the jet bumber so that one needs replaced.)

2 new speakers? (Although they work fine still they are fairly filthy and not easy to clean speakers that are as dirty as these are)

New Coin and Translite locks (2 Locks Total) (Link: 7/8" Lock)

LED lamps (I want to do each LED with the corresponding color insert. If not LEDs then regular lamps will do also.)

Ball Plunger ($19.55) (Link: Ball Plunger)

1 Green Stand Up Target ($6.50) (Link: A-11055) (Photo Link: A-11055 Green Stand Up Target Photo)

Stand Up Traget Foam ($2.50 Per Lot) (Link: MAT-TARGETFM ) (10 Per Lot Get 2 10Packs)

12 Rubber Sleeves (0.58C A Piece) (Link: Williams P/N 23-6552 Yellow)

New Play-field Plastics. (About $195.00 for full set)

Braided Copper Tinned Ground Wiring (100FT Roll $49.99) (Link: 100FT Braided Ground Wire) (Need for inside of the Pinball Machine for grounding everything.)

8MM Staples (Need these to staple on the plastic rails and the grounding wire.)

Volt-OHM tester for testing the Pinball Boards out. (Fluke Brand Tester) (Not Sure on Price.)

New Ramp For High-Speed Pinball. (Around $90 - $200)

New Coin-Box (Guessing $50.00)

New Screws. (Varius types)

New Motor for police light topper (Around $50 - $60) (Link: PBR-M7939H $50.16)

New Selonoids/Coils (Around $12 - $15 a piece) (Need all of them replaced)

New Slow Blow Fuses

Acrylic Water Based Paint (Not Sure On Price) (For touch ups of the play-field and cab)

Water Based Varathane for clear coat (To protect the play-field and the cab and to protect the touch ups.)

New sticker inserts for play-field light areas. (Replacing all the light stickers due to a lot of wear on them.)

4 New Legs With Leg Levelors. (Link: Legs Page)

New Translite/Glass Artwork (Mine is ok but has major issues with seeing light on parts of it.)

Metal Play-field Flippable work table. ($315.00) (Link: Metal Flippable Work Table) (Used for the play-field)


Zelda Skyward Sword (Wii)

Zelda Ocarina of Time (N3DS)

Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS)

XBox 360 Kinect Bundle (250GB version) (Comes with 360 Console $299.99 Kinect Games(s) $59.99 and the Kinect Accessory/Motion Bar $200.00) (Bundled Price at Amazon $399.99) (Link: Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle)

Kinectimals Now with Bears ($46.99 at (Game For Kinect Motion Bar) (Link: Kinectimals with Bears)

25th Anniversary Wii ($199.99) (Is Red Colored and comes with New Super Mario Bros and Wii Sports and 1 red wiimote and 1 Nunchuck.)

Game Party 3 ($19.99 New) (Wii) (Link: Game Party 3)

DJ Hero (XBox 360) ($80.00) (Link: DJ Hero) (Another deck for dual turn table gaming)

Fallout 3 (XBox 360) (Link: Fallout 3 for XBox 360)

BioShock (XBox 360) (Link: BioShock 1 On XBox 360)

Pure Pinball (XBox) (Link: Pure Pinball On XBox)

CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder (PS2) (Link: 3 Dimensions Of Murder)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (XBox) (Link: Crime Scene Investigation)


Oriental Themed Items (Like dressers, bed frame, pictures etc.)


HD-TV 32" smaller or bigger don't matter. With HDMI ports 1080p

Fur (For making Fur-Suits and or Fur-Suit Commissions for people)

Iron Man 2 (Blu-Ray $25.00) (Link: Iron Man 2. 3 Disc Blu-Ray Set)

Money is always good! :)

Miniture Zen Garden

Sound mixer 6 or 16 channel mixer (Around $80 to $120) (Link: Sound Mixer)

Need sound mixer for UStreaming. I also need a good mic and mic cords for my ustreaming tv shows.

Microphone ($40.77) (Link: Behringer Microphone)

Microphone Cord ($13.99) (Link: Microphone Cord)

Anything Transformer related :)

 Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Blu-Ray) ($12.99) (Link: Dark of the Moon)

Terminator Salvation (Blu-Ray) (Link: Directors Cut)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete Second Season ($21.99) (Link: Second Season)

Last Updated: 11/25/2011